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Cyborg Sima


Please watch in 4K if you can.

This is a pitch project we did at Cinesite. After showing them my 3d portrait personal project Cinesite were interested in my idea of morphing her into a Cyborg. They were kind enough to let me and a few other artists work on it.

The female portrait was done entirely by me in my spare time. I modelled and designed most of the Robot's face and some parts of the neck in Zbrush. Did most of the texturing on the robot, did the lookdev and lighting.

The very talented Houdini wizard Carl Fairweather did the Houdini FX.

Michael Lorenzo modelled the desolving mesh layers between the skin and the robot.
Andrew Leighton modelled the Torso and most of the neck and some detail on the face.
Scott Wakeford created some ISO/ID maks and textures.

I hope you like it :)

Kind regards,
Sohrab Esfehani

Cyborg Sima (forward) 4K

Cyborg Sima (Backward) 4K